AIQ platform

Brand, characterization, and user experience for a platform that includes multiple interfaces for professionals in the construction industry, interfaces for service orders, and an interface for selling transaction support and all via desktop and mobile for the construction industry in the United States.




The branding process is done by inspiration looking like a serious institutional body and not a start-up. The process included classic typography, deep and serious colors, and designing a character presenter balance the seriousness and give a taste of a modern platform.



In this procedure, we developed mutual relations between all interface aspects. The problem was to synchronize the actions and flow across all those with authorization according to different hierarchies while referring to a set of actions that serves the interface's business model.



The main challenge at this level was to create a new system that would not look technologically advanced and would allow construction professionals to use it easily without compromising the design. It included motifs from the branding process, such as the character we created, and other design elements that help users navigate and manage records.

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