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Hello we are Studio 972. We are a firm specializing in strategy, branding, characterization, user experience design, and user-friendly web design.

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Hello we are Studio 972. We are a firm specializing in strategy, branding, characterization, user experience design, and user-friendly web design.


A website needs a lot of planning to work well
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We are honored to work on a variety of projects with clients who have already become like family to us.

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Branding, characterization and Corporate web development for Digitrade platform that allows businesses in the retail field.
to manage procurement processes and orders while using the maximum of shopping cart, management clients and providing credit to companies and businesses in the field.


Ypf capital

Branding, characterization and Corporate web development of the fund specializes in the management of investment portfolios for investors in the scope of millions of Shekels while managing risks and writing detailed strategic plans.
The main website was to produce a site that provides content that helps filter potential clients who do not meet the entry threshold for the fund.


Design for a software company that specializes in managing multiple teams working on cutting-edge technologies and making complex interfaces. Under the umbrella of innovation and careful design, the new site is a big step forward in terms of animations, user experience, and the customer journey.


The design and development of a sales website for Devialet, a leader in the audio industry that redefines luxury worlds. As part of the project, product specs had to be made available, and a store had to be built with simple buying procedures and a welcoming user interface.


Design, branding, and creation of an image website for a cyber corporation that maps procedures and security lapses and generates a grid for risk management and more secure management of digital assets.



A platform that acts as a digital band, allowing anyone to sign up through a simple, welcoming, and quick process, sign up for online banking services with a click, and manage their money, transfers, deposits, and everything else mentioned online in a simple, welcoming, and engaging way.


GROW Characterization and design for the new website of Mosholam Clearing Solutions or
in his new name grow. The site offers a variety of clearing solutions in a striking young marketing envelope and above all not boring in a world where everyone looks the same.

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"Highly recommended!! The most professional there is, always available and gives 100% of himself just as if he were one of the partners. I already have a designer for the rest of the way, recommend to you too

Harel Jarbi

"Amit is a bargain! We started with Amit as an experiment and in the end he did the whole project for us. Reliable, diligent, talented, and flexible. Amit is experienced in working with startups and was there even in the most stressful moments of the project with beautiful products. Fair prices, and excellent personal attention. A pleasure from Work. Highly recommended!

Idan Levy

"Very professional studio. Gives personal attention. Quick response for requests and changes that came up along the way."




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When making a website, the design is a very important part of how well the site will do. It has to be one-of-a-kind and fit the needs of your business, your brand, and the user’s experience. There’s no question that a good design has a lot of pros: 

  1. First of all, all websites today have to be accessible. WordPress website design puts an emphasis on color contrast, which is important for people who are color blind, and text size, which is important for people who have trouble seeing. Your business website will be easier to use if the design is correct and of high quality.

  2. Strengthening the brand: A well-designed website includes strategic thinking about how to talk to customers. Figuring out the visual language and having good content is a way to boost sales and get the word out about services.

  3. Another important benefit is, of course, how the website users find it to use. The goal of every business is to get as many potential customers as possible to visit their website. But it’s not enough for a lot of surfers to visit the site. The goal is for them to stay on the site as long as possible so they can see what it has to offer and why they should choose that business over its competitors. User experience design is also a big part of how Google ranks websites.

When Google sees that surfers spend a lot of time on a site and when Google’s algorithm sees that a site has a high-quality design that is also mobile-friendly and more, it will rank that site higher than other sites, which means it will show up among the first search results when a surfer searches for something relevant. You could say that good web design also affects how the site is promoted, so it is without a doubt a good idea to put money into it.

  1. A fourth benefit is that customers who are interested in a business’s products or services can be sent there, knowing that the site will give them more than just the information they need, which they will also get.

In the first step, the professionals who will be designing the website will meet with the client to get all the information they need about the client’s needs, his target audience, the goals of the design, and other things. During this process, the team and the client will talk about what they want and set up a schedule with milestones, different deadlines for each stage of the design, the option to fix things, and more.

After getting all the information from the client, more research is done to find out what the brand’s strategy is, what colors are used for branding, what the logo looks like, and more. At this point, the first drawing will be made as well. The first drawing will be shown to the client as a sketch, and he will decide if any changes need to be made and if the idea should be “exploited” and turned into a full design.

The professional design creates an experience for the user, draws customers to the site, and keeps them there for a long time. Since all of the above factors affect a site’s ranking in Google and, by extension, its position in Google’s search results when a surfer looks for something relevant, it is very important to invest in the design of the site and make it stand out visually, be pleasant to surf on, let surfers surf in the most convenient way, and give them a good user experience.

Since design is such an important part of making a website for a business, there is no question that you shouldn’t skimp on hiring the right professionals to do the job.

Designing a website is a job that needs to be done as professionally as possible. On top of that, if you want to design a good image website, you need to hire professionals with a strong sense of imagination and creativity that pushes the limits. Studio 972 was started in 2011. It gives every business the chance to have its website designed at the highest level and to make something simple into something unique. If you work with Studio 972, at the end of the process you will have a website that is designed to meet the needs of your business and your design goals, with a unique design twist that is typical of the studio’s work.

The website design process is, without a doubt, a very important part of making a website. A website that isn’t designed well enough or in a way that fits the brand the business or the needs of the business, in general, won’t attract potential customers or show them why they should choose the business over its competitors. Over and above that, a site that isn’t designed well won’t be ranked high by Google’s algorithm, which will hurt the way it is promoted by Google.
So, if you want to make a website for your business, you should look for the best professionals in web design. Professionals who know what you want, know where to aim in their designs, and know how to do any kind of design work well will help your business website become popular and chosen by a large number of surfers.


Design and development of a customized website.

You are about to design and build a new website, and you may be wondering how to do it right and how to choose a company that does website design. Studio 972 has been around for more than 10 years, so you could say we've seen everything... With a well-planned website design process you can reach goals, stand out, become a unicorn, and make your business and marketing dreams come true.

During this process we'll complete in-depth research, figure out your target audience, define objectives, plan the website, design it in line with the spirit of the brand, and launch it all while keeping in mind user experience. In short, we'll make your website your best agent!


To plan, design, build, and achieve goals.

Every letter has a recipient, and every website has a target audience. As a website design studio, we will do a thorough investigation and analysis of the data to figure out how to plan and design the website in the best way, one that will help us reach our goals. So, a customized process can turn any simple site into a unicorn, whether it's a sales site, an image site, or an engine for getting "leads." Let's get started!

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