Besure app

Research, characterization, branding, and user experience design for the app allow us to check our entire insurance while carrying out feasibility, compatibility checks, and analysis of our insurance portfolios so that we always make sure that we are covered correctly. We made a design with a character that serves as a presenter and a young and happy user interface.




To bring new life to a topic that many people view as dreary, we gave it a friendly personality, a bright and youthful visual identity, and a laid-back demeanor.



We studied the problem at hand and ran simulations in the field to learn effective methods for gathering user feedback, mapping out the flow of the app's customer survey, and eliciting meaningful responses.


interface design

In the design process, we chose to give the character a platform to make insurance content non-threatening. The way to easy accessibility was designing icons in the brand's spirit, providing a clean and inviting workspace, and lots of user prompts.

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