Chefim app

Design, branding, and personality for a cooking app that puts us in touch with celebrity chefs, enables us to learn from them, and provides us with recipes and a virtual cooking adventure that will make us feel at least a little bit like professionals in the kitchen.

In order to have a good time while using the app, we had to put some serious thought into the branding procedures and the user experience we were creating.




We made sure that everybody who sees the app gets a craving for food by employing a custom typeface with culinary-themed components, using warm colors to convey a sense of newness in the text, and other measures.



In the process, we created an inviting customer journey, one that makes the user want to stay a little longer, one that entices the user to use the features, one that simply makes them come back again and again.



We wanted the design to resemble a cooking show and convey a lighthearted, comforting sense of home cooking, thus we prioritized prominently displaying large portions.

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