Branding project, creating presenter and creating the name for the brand “Coneco” , White label CRM system management customer clubs, the system shows graphs, data with AI feature that studies how to preform Up sale for your customers by the defined parameter, the creative that we went by is combination of the letters C and O to create an “infinite synchronization” and learning that the system absorbs during use and the results you will derive from it.



Creating a name

We set up a focus group, we studied the competitors from the country and from the world with the help of the slogan we created a particularly strong message and different from the other competitors.


Creating a logo

We created typography game with two options of C and O, with the bold colorfulness that flatters the brand.


Creating a presenter

We created a unique presenter that exposes system utilities, solves problems, and suggests improvements. Its head displays the logo, connecting it to the brand's values.

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