Conqum system

Research, characterization, and UX design to a complicated system that got awards in Europe for breakthrough technologies in the construction industry.

The system manages all the levels of construction and allows the contractors to get a practical picture of the construction processes in the field.




In the research step, we analyze the actions that happen in the field by the construction team, we investigate the construction and management processes and we created a mapping for in-depth analysis of critical operations in the field alongside making significant decisions.



In the characterization process, we created user scenarios and permission for all the possible users when each one has flow processes and independent activities and altogether focuses on a synchronized interface that knows how to manage records and export tasks in real-time according to the type of authorization.


UX design

The interface design was made from a thought about the tools that collect information from the field and are suitable for working from mobile devices and tablets with the audience which isn't technologically so the accessibility of the data was a big weight in the design process.

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