Dekel price list

Characterization and UX design for a company that created a construction price list that led the construction industry in Israel with thousands of construction clauses and adoption to all stages of construction and all the materials and specifications that the contractor has to offer.

The definition of the project was to perform a migration between physical and digital price list books and to create an easy-to-use search engine that would allow the constructors to quickly produce bills of quantities.




During the characterization, we defined barriers and wrote execution plans that would allow contractors to easily extract items for the bill of quantities while fully managing all the stages of creating the bill of quantities.


UX Design

In the design step, we put emphasis on the interface for easy use, an interface that is activated sometime in areas in non-sterile conditions with a need for speed of operations and locating sections easily.



After finishing the design we accompanied the development team and product team in checking the app, analyzing and creating new features for better results.

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