Medial system

Characterization and medical interface design for various medical teams that get a real time indication on the paitents by the blood tests, medical history and expect future illnesses based on smart algorithem that turns the interface to a useful tool in preventive medicine, the system relies on advanced technologies.

About this project



As part of the process we made intrevies with the medical team so we could understand from them the needs map of how the decisions made in real time, in order to understand the client and create an interface that relize the clients ambitions.



In the characterization process we create flow process that matches the conclusions reached during the research phase, we created wireframes and a filter tool and an indication alongside advanced reports that allows the doctors to get all the proper ingredients in order to make a correct decision in real time.


Interface design

The interface design was goal oriented for a very specific target audience and so understanding the needs made it possible to manage a focused creative process, allows the doctors to make required actions with a friendly interface.

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