Petz app

User interface design for an app that changes the way we interact with our pets by keeping track of their vaccines, accessing breed-specific advice, and scheduling veterinary visits. We studied the pet owner’s lifestyle and the unique requirements associated with reproduction in order to design a user interface that generates a three-dimensional shell for the beloved animal in our lives.




We developed a lexicon based on our pet's paw print, complete with a catchy logo, earthy hues, and a bold proclamation- the app is not yours, it's your pet's.



In order to deliver a beneficial user experience, we began the planning phase with in-depth study into the procedures and interactions between the veterinarian and the animal breeder, as well as how everything links to other experts.



The design of the app was driven by the goal of making it as simple and welcoming as possible for users, and we achieved this by using light font, rounded corners, and a line that alludes to nature.

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