Redstrings aim to be a home base for smart fraud investigations, to help risk management teams stay ahead of fraudsters, innovate, streamline operations, accurately document their work and build a better data organization without the overhead.


In the branding process, we created a language that simulates a red string board that connects object to object in order to tell the story around the brand – redstrings with consideration of the target audience and the need that arises from the area.

Characterization and design

While characterizing the business model (b2b) and focusing the accessibility of important content in a minimalist manner, the site’s characterization and design preserved the brand colors and a high-tech and cybernetic vibe simultaneously.


The interface is built on the foundation of WordPress and allows content administration in a simple and convenient way. During the development process, we generated animations that depict the brand values and the game on the red thread board in order to explain the end message in a better way.





As part of the process of characterizing, we did research on the different types of customers, made customer paths on the site based on the different types of personas, characterized processes, and made a grid for sending messages that were comfortable and easy to read.



During the design process, we made a design language that combines graphic elements with a futuristic look. We made a language that conveys innovation and technology while putting the focus on professional content in a way that is inviting and marketable.



At the end of the process, we took the elements and put them into After Effects to give them life, give them another dimension, and, most importantly, turn them all into one website that says "the future is already here."

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