Selfcare platform

Breakthrough platform in the medical field that allows each user to get medical cover with health program that prevents potentional diseases , the system accompanies the user and shows in real time various health programs, starting with nutrition plans, fitness planes, giving an indication of medical tests and accompanying various consultants in the worlds of health that the user will stay healthy.




In the process we interviewed potentional clients and the medical teams that we created the intregation interfaces that will lead to the managing working processes beneficial to all parties while taking into account regulatory and development limitations.


Characterization UX

In the first step we created wireframe that redifine the working processes, the interfaces, hierarchies between user premissions and the ways to fill information and to create output to different users.


Interface design

To provide a warm, inviting alternative to the clinically dry atmosphere of the medical field through the use of vivid colors and numerous, varied pictures.

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