Tindog app

Branding, design and UXUI for a dating app for dogs, this concept is for dog’s owners that are looking for mating, going for a trips together, or even just for looking the same hobbies together with the dogs. The platform is a smart algorithm that knows to identify matches by the character needs of the dog, type and other parameters.

Additionally, there is a designed area for relevant professionals like veterinarians, vet clinics and dogs trainers by the user’s location.  




We researched deeply the animal world interface and the market, we brought what needs will the future users need and what the existing problems that appear in current interfaces today.



We created fresh and strong language that gets from the comfort zone of the animal world, with the colorfulness we made a different app.



We gathered all the conclusions and together we made a Swipe platform customized with the relevant features that works great.

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