Yoel Geva app

Creating a new product for the project that relies on active user data, and product statistics proven with thousands of paying users. During the project, we studied behaviors and made an applicative interface that allows the students to consume enriching content, make smart questionnaires, study for exams, and above all carry out smart monitoring that allows the student to constantly improve.




In the first step we analyzed the typical processes of the students, followed up after data in statics, studied the new models of the app, and looked at the ways to connect them to the students from the other side.



In the characterization step, we made CX ( customer experience) and flow process that supports the company’s strategy and we created an inviting user interface in the spirit of the brand so that all students will continue to feel at home while making maximum use of the features.


Continous escort

After accompanying the development team and producing files for them to apply in development and support in QA, we analyzed field outcomes and produced sprints with extra features to always improve the experience.

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