Ypf capital

Branding, characterization and Corporate web development of the fund specializes in the management of investment portfolios for investors in the scope of millions of Shekels while managing risks and writing detailed strategic plans.
The main website was to produce a site that provides content that helps filter potential clients who do not meet the entry threshold for the fund.


In this process we explored the field while creating a difference from the competitors and creating a structure of simple content.


In this process we made a solid branding that shows seriousness and responsibility, whole website is designed in an aesthetic way, simple as well as accessible in order to allow the customer to consume content that constitutes an entry threshold for contracting with the foundation.


The web development on the WordPress Elementor platform for easy use of content, projects and articles of professionals of the financial industry.





As part of the process of characterizing, we did research on the different types of customers, made customer paths on the site based on the different types of personas, characterized processes, and made a grid for sending messages that were comfortable and easy to read.



During the design process, we made a design language that combines graphic elements with a futuristic look. We made a language that conveys innovation and technology while putting the focus on professional content in a way that is inviting and marketable.



At the end of the process, we took the elements and put them into After Effects to give them life, give them another dimension, and, most importantly, turn them all into one website that says "the future is already here."

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