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Brand Designer

Do you know how to animate in After Effects? Do you know how to illustrate in Illustrator? do you have good english?

Your place is with us!

Job requirements:

  • Two or more years of experience
  • Proficient at Adobe software – Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Amazing portfolio
  • Full-time
  • Good English

  • 18/02/2024
    Liz Ivanova-Efimova

    Hello, Studio 972! I am Liz and I am a brand designer!

    I am interested in position brand designer. I researched your website and was impressed by your projects. I liked your design solution for the Xapp company. And I think the idea of a background video with cute monster in your website header is really amazing. Also I share your mission – to create only the exceptional—in other words, anything that will make you pause and take note and helping other start-ups, businesses, and entrepreneurs succeed.
    And I am fun and creative person so I match with your team)))

    I meet your requirements:

    I have 4 years of industry experience in Brand Design
    I have perfect knowledge in Visual systems and Brand identity
    Also I am proficient in Adobe Suite, including Adobe After Effects.
    I create digital illustrations for my projects!

    I am attaching my CV and a link to my portfolio.
    Please give him some attention.
    Waiting for your reply!

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